Klangville : LMoP

Ruins of Thundertree

Team: Arwen, Orbit, Myarmos, Oskar, Skye and Thorrk

10am: The adventurers has a short rest after the grueling fight with the Orcs and Ogre. They decided to spend some time to discuss on the past events and plans for the coming battle with the Dragon as mentioned by Reidoth the Druid.

11am: The party decided to step outside the ruins, through the gaping hole created by the Ogre. As they approached the building to the south east, Thorrk saw that the entrance to the ruins is completely filled with webs! Orbit flew up to check and reveals two spiders hiding inSpider.jpg the western room. Oskar rushed in and got caught in the spider’s web. One of the spider climbed over the wall and start attacking Oskar. The other spider climbed outside and rushed towards Myarmos, bites him and subsequently poisoned him. Thorrk turns into a bear and mauls the spider that was attacking Myarmos.

The party managed to kill both spiders, but Myarmos was paralyzed and close to death. Oskar was hurt badly too.

FG.jpgThorrk and Skye murmurs healing word and heals Myarmos to health.

Skye search the rooms and found a cocooned corpse in the western room. Searching the corpse, he found some coins and a potion of healing.

The session ended as shown on the left.



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