Klangville : LMoP

Redbrand Retaliation! (Part 2)

The Leader committed suicide before warning them that Glasstaff will not let them go for this.

Toblen was very unhappy about this incident and wailed that the ruffians will exact revenge on the towns folks.

Harbin came over and complained to the group on the mess they created, bloody dead bodies scattered everywhere. He is in the same opinion with Toblen, this incident will create more trouble than good.

The group promised to cleaned up the mess and will address the town folks problems with the Redbrand.

Myarmos dragged Skye into Stonehill Inn. Skye suffered futher injury on his head as Myarmos drags him over the steps. The group took Arwen and Skye upstairs and Thorrk healed them with a healing spell. Afterward all of them removed all the dead bodies to the town cemetery.

It was sun down, when they trudged wearily back to the Inn.

They sat down for their dinner and discuss fighting plans.

They paid 2gp each for food and lodging to Toblen.

Myarmos paid 18gp for the component pouch.



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