Klangville : LMoP

Xandria's Crypt

The crypt of Xandria is a nicely appointed stone and marble building, roughly 20 feet square.

There was a gas trap in the main chamber which Skye deftly dealt with.

There was a throne room of sort which again Skye disarm some traps.

Unfortunately, in the alchemy room, the fast hands of Skye triggers the in-animated skeletons in the throne room and fight ensues.

After the big and long fight with the skeletons, the group took a breather and decides what to do next. Skye as usual wants to swipe stuff. As he reached out to the books laying on the table nearby, he hears a fizzle and instantly all the things in the room turns into dust!

After much discussion, they decided that Oskar and Orbit will be the point man or “water fish” for the next room.

As the approach the room, they noticed that there were 4 inanimate zombies lying on the ground. They also see, on the northwest corner, a teleportation circle with a iron rod embedded in the center of that circle.

On the north, east, west and south of the walls, there is a glyph drawn on it. The southern wall is a sunken alcove with piles of gold coins

The walls are painted with scenes of dragons and acolytes praying and sacrificing people to the dragons.

there is a bloody note lying near the teleportation circle.

As Oskar and Orbit looks around, it suggest that someone or a group of people has departed from there using the teleportation circle not long ago.

Skye being Skye, rush to the note and picks it up. As he did that, the Glyphs on the 4 walls starts to glow and the 4 inanimate zombies start to move. The fight begins!

After a long and arduous fight, with Skye being the object of desire for the 4 Zombies. They finally deduce that the Glyphs has something to do with the zombies.

It was after the death of the 3rd zombie, Skye walks over to the nearest wall and smear his blood over the glyph. The remaining zombie screams in silent and was blinded!

The AHA moment came to all the party except Arwen. They proceeded to wipe the remaining glyphs after Orbit detected that the glyphs are drawn in chalk.

Each wipe made the zombie more distressed!

The final glpyh in the alcove was smeared by Oskar, which instantly killed the last zombie. As Oskar steps into the alcove, a force field traps Oskar in the alcove.

Myarmos use his arcana skills to deactive the force field to free Oskar. Arwen looks around in dazed…..

When the fight was over, there was a long quiet moment, each of them was reflecting what had just happended.

Skype re-read the note and Myarmos wailed in anguished. Skype walks over to Myarmos and handed the note over to him. Myarmos could not believe what was in the note and vow to find to his step mother, Chrya, no matter what.

He tries to discern the magic in the teleportation circle but to use it is beyond any of their skills.

Skye, again being Skye, smears the teleportation circle. Myarmos is take a back by his action. He controlled himself and took the rod, hoping to find another way to reach Chrya.

The party decided to head back to Phandalin and Skye sold the gem and the perfumes at a good price. Arwen helped somewhat during the negotiation.

After that they return to Stonehill Inn to rest.

Myarmos found out that his stepmom was teleported out of the crypt by a group of dragon worshippers.



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