Klangville : LMoP

Assault on Tresendar Manor, or sort of (Part 1)

Next morning the group decides to check out Tresendar Manor. The journey took them 2 hours. They reach the manor before noon. They found nothing of interest except for a door behind the manor that lead to a cellar of sorts.

Myarmos and gang decides to scout around to make sure there are no surprises. They were unsure how to approach the cellar worrying that enemies could be springing a trap for them.

After much quiet discussion, Thorrk being Thorrk decides to turn himself into a rat and scurries between the crack of the cellar door and descends into the depths of the cellar. The rest hides in whatever place they can find.

Thorrk discovers that the cellar was well lighted up by oil lamps. He saw a water cistern at the far end and a door to the right of the cistern. There is also a door in the north that leads somewhere.

He decides to explore the area beyond the north door. It leads to a dusty hallway with a copper double door at the end. Since there is nothing of interest, he goes back to the main room and goes under the door to the right of the cistern.

There are 3 ruffians sleeping in that room. His exploration in that room raised the suspicion with one of them. As Thorrk scampers out to the cistern room, the ruffian follows. The other 2 sleeping ruffians was woken up by the squeaking noise that Thorrk make and ask the suspicious ruffian to get rid of it.

Unfortunately Thorrk could not escape the ruffian and with one clumsy swing of his short-sword, he kill the rat. Thorrk instantly transform back to his original form and his arms was bleeding from that blow. The ruffian was stunned by unbelievable scene and Thorrk making use of that opportunity to escape outside.

Once outside he quickly transform into a eagle and take to the sky. The alerted ruffians burst outside and proceeds to search the vicinity.

Finding nothing they decides to head back down the cellar to resume their sleep. From their conversation, it seems that they had a rough drinking session yesterday and they are still pretty much drunk. They decided that what the suspicious ruffian saw was just his hallucination due to booze.



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