Klangville : LMoP

The Story so far...

The uneasy friendship of Thorrk the Half-Orc, Arwen the Wood Elf, Orbit the Pennate Pegasus, Skye the Half-Elf and Lia the High-Elf starts in Phlan, a city located in the northern section of the Moonsea.

They first met in Madame Freona’s Tea Kettle. This is a famous place where adventurers come to have a drink or meal and if they are discreet and behave themselves, can often find employment there.

Their first mission together was to help out an agent of Harper track down illegal sales of dragon eggs.

They have many successful missions after that and their reputation as a budding adventurers spread fast in Phlan.

A certain group of merchant approached them one day asking for help in escorting them and their caravan goods to the fabled Neverwinter city, far out to the eastern land. Neverwinter is a city-port that serves area around the Sword of Coast. The group agreed to the offer as Neverwinter might give them more monetary opportunities.

The journey takes them forever but they finally reach the famous Neverwinter city, the Jewel of the North, as some say.

From Neverwinter they head out to the southern town of Phandalin, thinking that they can find fame and riches there.

Somewhere along the Triboar trails, they were ambushed by a group of kobolds or rather they stumbled on a group of kobolds trying to finish off the last remaining adventurer.

They managed to defeat the kobolds and saved the seriously wounded man. They found out later that this man is Sildar Hallwinter.

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