The Wandering Dark Druid


Deep within the wilderness, far away from civilization, lay an infant wailing and crying, alone. At first glance, this creature seemed to be just another human infant abandoned and forgotten. However, this youngling was no mere human, It was in fact considered an abomination to many. This child, was the embodiment of a human, and an orc-a half breed-detested by both races. It does not know why it was abandoned, or who was it’s parents was. The only thing It knows was its golden medallion hung around his neck, encrusted with the shimmering glow of a full moon.

A pack of wolves had come across it, looked upon it in disgust, decciding to end the creature of its misery. However, the medallion shone brightly, in a glimpse, their demeanor changed. They picked up the young half-orc creature, and brought to be raised as their own.

10 years later, Thorrk-the once young half-orc, now adept in the ways of the forest and shapeshifting, sits on a ledge of a mountain, gazing upon the full moon.
5.village raided by orcs. thorrk was no match for the orc captain. the captain readies up the killing blow. realises thorrk is his biological offspring. Knockouts thorrk and drag him to relative safety with no one noticing(maybe)
6.Thorrk wakes up to see his village burnt and destroyed. He scurries to the old gnomes home. only to see his guardian slain in an inhumane fashion (in giant ape form). Thorrk sees this as a torture worse than death from the orc captain. vows to slay the orc at his mentors burial grave he made.
7.the orc captain-thorrks father. reports to the vile fiery diety Bane. bane speaks of the readying of forces to invade waterdeep.
8.Thorrk travels throughout the land. seeking information and honing his skills. everynight, burderned by the memories of his tribes demise, and a fair maiden hypothesised as his mother. and also a fiery inferno upcoming in the distant future. The only way thorrk is able to escape the madness, is to indulge himself with ale and other intoxications.


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