Klangville : LMoP

Sildar Hallwinter

Sildar Hallwinter spins an interesting story…..
He and a friend of his, Gundren Rockseeker, was on the way to Phandalin with an agenda of their own. While they were on the Triboar Trails, they were waylaid by a group of Kobolds and was capture and brought to their lair, somewhere north of the Trails.

A group of adventurer unlike the this group, manage to save him. Unfortunately Gungdren was taken to Cragmaw Castle for reasons unknown to Sildar. While they regrouped with their goods wagon, the leader of the kobold lair found them and a bloody fight ensues. All the valiant adventurers was killed in the fight and it was then when this group stumbles upon the scene.

Sildar offers to accompany the group to Phandalin and he hopes the group will help him in finding Grundren.



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