Klangville : LMoP

Redbrand Retaliation! (Part 1)

The group is having breakfast in Stonehill Inn.

Thorrk is at level 3 now.

While the group was having breakfast on the same table, Elsa, the barmaid walks over and whispered to the group that the Redbrand is looking for them because of the burning of Sleeping Giant incident.

Myarmos though it was a good idea to introduce himself proper and proceeds to stammer over every word!

As the group was berates Myarmos, Elsa sauntered over and praised Myarmos to be a handsome fella and cultured as well since he hailed from Neverwinter. She reckon any person that was raised in a big city should be learned and cultured.

Myarmos explained that he was raised in the slum and Elsa quietly scampered away after hearing that.

While this was going on, a group of 5 burly men enter the premise. One of them has a rabbit foot tie to his neck like a necklace. It was quite obvious he was the leader of this group.

A heated argument ensues between the group and the Redbrand Ruffians. It seems the Leader’s cousin was one of the victim of the Sleeping Giant fire incident. He was lookiing to kill the persons that caused that fire.

They took the fight outside and a fierce battle begins.

Arwen and Skye was incapacitated during this skirmish but the group manage to overcome the odd and won the fight.

They decided not to killl the leader and render him unconscious with an Eldrith Blast from Myarmos. Arwen swiped the rabbit foot from the leader for her growing collection.



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