Klangville : LMoP


Places visited:
Barthen’s Provision
Stonehill Inn
Sleeping Giant
Shrine of Luck
Lionshield Coster
Townmaster’s Hall

Places heard but not visited:
Edermath Orchard
Alderleaf Farm
Phandalin Miner’s Exchange
Tresendar Manor

Stories heard:
Redbrand Ruffian – Boss is Glasstaff, a human wizard. The HQ is under Tresendar Manor. Completed
The Banshee – Garaele of Shrine of Luck wants to know the location of a spellbook belonging to a legendary mage named Bowgentle. She also mentioned that Orbit might find some help or answer from the Banshee as well. Completed
Nose Ring – The Banshee give the group an ancient ruins location. In that crypt hold a mysterious Nose Ring that allows the wearer to transform to a human being.
Orc Raiders – Harbin of Townmaster’s Hall has a quest posted about Orcs raiding the merchants near Phandalin. One of the raiders recognized Thorrk and wanted his head for a bounty called by his Orc Father. Completed
Cragmaw Castle – Sildar offers 500gp to find it.
Finding Iarno – Sildar is looking for Iarno Albrek. He suggest the group to search around Tresendar Manor. Iarno was exploring the area around the Manor before dissapering two months ago.
Redbrand Threat – Sildar offers the group 200gp if they can eliminate this threat.
Thel Dendrar – Trilena, wife of Toblen mentioned that Thel Drendar, a local woodcarver, was murdered by the ruffians. His wife, daughter and son have gone missing.



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