Klangville : LMoP

Ruins of Thundertree

Team: Arwen, Orbit, Myarmos, Oskar, Skye and Thorrk

10am: The adventurers has a short rest after the grueling fight with the Orcs and Ogre. They decided to spend some time to discuss on the past events and plans for the coming battle with the Dragon as mentioned by Reidoth the Druid.

11am: The party decided to step outside the ruins, through the gaping hole created by the Ogre. As they approached the building to the south east, Thorrk saw that the entrance to the ruins is completely filled with webs! Orbit flew up to check and reveals two spiders hiding inSpider.jpg the western room. Oskar rushed in and got caught in the spider’s web. One of the spider climbed over the wall and start attacking Oskar. The other spider climbed outside and rushed towards Myarmos, bites him and subsequently poisoned him. Thorrk turns into a bear and mauls the spider that was attacking Myarmos.

The party managed to kill both spiders, but Myarmos was paralyzed and close to death. Oskar was hurt badly too.

FG.jpgThorrk and Skye murmurs healing word and heals Myarmos to health.

Skye search the rooms and found a cocooned corpse in the western room. Searching the corpse, he found some coins and a potion of healing.

The session ended as shown on the left.

Assault on Tresendar Manor, or sort of (Part 1)

Next morning the group decides to check out Tresendar Manor. The journey took them 2 hours. They reach the manor before noon. They found nothing of interest except for a door behind the manor that lead to a cellar of sorts.

Myarmos and gang decides to scout around to make sure there are no surprises. They were unsure how to approach the cellar worrying that enemies could be springing a trap for them.

After much quiet discussion, Thorrk being Thorrk decides to turn himself into a rat and scurries between the crack of the cellar door and descends into the depths of the cellar. The rest hides in whatever place they can find.

Thorrk discovers that the cellar was well lighted up by oil lamps. He saw a water cistern at the far end and a door to the right of the cistern. There is also a door in the north that leads somewhere.

He decides to explore the area beyond the north door. It leads to a dusty hallway with a copper double door at the end. Since there is nothing of interest, he goes back to the main room and goes under the door to the right of the cistern.

There are 3 ruffians sleeping in that room. His exploration in that room raised the suspicion with one of them. As Thorrk scampers out to the cistern room, the ruffian follows. The other 2 sleeping ruffians was woken up by the squeaking noise that Thorrk make and ask the suspicious ruffian to get rid of it.

Unfortunately Thorrk could not escape the ruffian and with one clumsy swing of his short-sword, he kill the rat. Thorrk instantly transform back to his original form and his arms was bleeding from that blow. The ruffian was stunned by unbelievable scene and Thorrk making use of that opportunity to escape outside.

Once outside he quickly transform into a eagle and take to the sky. The alerted ruffians burst outside and proceeds to search the vicinity.

Finding nothing they decides to head back down the cellar to resume their sleep. From their conversation, it seems that they had a rough drinking session yesterday and they are still pretty much drunk. They decided that what the suspicious ruffian saw was just his hallucination due to booze.

Redbrand Retaliation! (Part 2)

The Leader committed suicide before warning them that Glasstaff will not let them go for this.

Toblen was very unhappy about this incident and wailed that the ruffians will exact revenge on the towns folks.

Harbin came over and complained to the group on the mess they created, bloody dead bodies scattered everywhere. He is in the same opinion with Toblen, this incident will create more trouble than good.

The group promised to cleaned up the mess and will address the town folks problems with the Redbrand.

Myarmos dragged Skye into Stonehill Inn. Skye suffered futher injury on his head as Myarmos drags him over the steps. The group took Arwen and Skye upstairs and Thorrk healed them with a healing spell. Afterward all of them removed all the dead bodies to the town cemetery.

It was sun down, when they trudged wearily back to the Inn.

They sat down for their dinner and discuss fighting plans.

They paid 2gp each for food and lodging to Toblen.

Myarmos paid 18gp for the component pouch.

Redbrand Retaliation! (Part 1)

The group is having breakfast in Stonehill Inn.

Thorrk is at level 3 now.

While the group was having breakfast on the same table, Elsa, the barmaid walks over and whispered to the group that the Redbrand is looking for them because of the burning of Sleeping Giant incident.

Myarmos though it was a good idea to introduce himself proper and proceeds to stammer over every word!

As the group was berates Myarmos, Elsa sauntered over and praised Myarmos to be a handsome fella and cultured as well since he hailed from Neverwinter. She reckon any person that was raised in a big city should be learned and cultured.

Myarmos explained that he was raised in the slum and Elsa quietly scampered away after hearing that.

While this was going on, a group of 5 burly men enter the premise. One of them has a rabbit foot tie to his neck like a necklace. It was quite obvious he was the leader of this group.

A heated argument ensues between the group and the Redbrand Ruffians. It seems the Leader’s cousin was one of the victim of the Sleeping Giant fire incident. He was lookiing to kill the persons that caused that fire.

They took the fight outside and a fierce battle begins.

Arwen and Skye was incapacitated during this skirmish but the group manage to overcome the odd and won the fight.

They decided not to killl the leader and render him unconscious with an Eldrith Blast from Myarmos. Arwen swiped the rabbit foot from the leader for her growing collection.

Xandria's Crypt

The crypt of Xandria is a nicely appointed stone and marble building, roughly 20 feet square.

There was a gas trap in the main chamber which Skye deftly dealt with.

There was a throne room of sort which again Skye disarm some traps.

Unfortunately, in the alchemy room, the fast hands of Skye triggers the in-animated skeletons in the throne room and fight ensues.

After the big and long fight with the skeletons, the group took a breather and decides what to do next. Skye as usual wants to swipe stuff. As he reached out to the books laying on the table nearby, he hears a fizzle and instantly all the things in the room turns into dust!

After much discussion, they decided that Oskar and Orbit will be the point man or “water fish” for the next room.

As the approach the room, they noticed that there were 4 inanimate zombies lying on the ground. They also see, on the northwest corner, a teleportation circle with a iron rod embedded in the center of that circle.

On the north, east, west and south of the walls, there is a glyph drawn on it. The southern wall is a sunken alcove with piles of gold coins

The walls are painted with scenes of dragons and acolytes praying and sacrificing people to the dragons.

there is a bloody note lying near the teleportation circle.

As Oskar and Orbit looks around, it suggest that someone or a group of people has departed from there using the teleportation circle not long ago.

Skye being Skye, rush to the note and picks it up. As he did that, the Glyphs on the 4 walls starts to glow and the 4 inanimate zombies start to move. The fight begins!

After a long and arduous fight, with Skye being the object of desire for the 4 Zombies. They finally deduce that the Glyphs has something to do with the zombies.

It was after the death of the 3rd zombie, Skye walks over to the nearest wall and smear his blood over the glyph. The remaining zombie screams in silent and was blinded!

The AHA moment came to all the party except Arwen. They proceeded to wipe the remaining glyphs after Orbit detected that the glyphs are drawn in chalk.

Each wipe made the zombie more distressed!

The final glpyh in the alcove was smeared by Oskar, which instantly killed the last zombie. As Oskar steps into the alcove, a force field traps Oskar in the alcove.

Myarmos use his arcana skills to deactive the force field to free Oskar. Arwen looks around in dazed…..

When the fight was over, there was a long quiet moment, each of them was reflecting what had just happended.

Skype re-read the note and Myarmos wailed in anguished. Skype walks over to Myarmos and handed the note over to him. Myarmos could not believe what was in the note and vow to find to his step mother, Chrya, no matter what.

He tries to discern the magic in the teleportation circle but to use it is beyond any of their skills.

Skye, again being Skye, smears the teleportation circle. Myarmos is take a back by his action. He controlled himself and took the rod, hoping to find another way to reach Chrya.

The party decided to head back to Phandalin and Skye sold the gem and the perfumes at a good price. Arwen helped somewhat during the negotiation.

After that they return to Stonehill Inn to rest.

Myarmos found out that his stepmom was teleported out of the crypt by a group of dragon worshippers.


Myarmos joins the group!

He came to Phandalin searching for his step-mother. He trailed the abductors to a crypt nearby, but dared not pursue further as he is not strong enough.

He stumbles into Stonehill Inn hoping to find some adverturers to help him. He found the group instead. After much haggling and bullying, mostly on Myarmos, they headed for the crypt.

Orc Raiders

Harbin of Townmaster’s Hall has a quest posted about Orcs raiding the merchants near Phandalin. One of the raiders recognized Thorrk and wanted his head for a bounty called by his Orc Father.

Sleeping Giant

The group was harassed by ruffians outside Sleeping Giant. During the fight, Lia accidentally burned the bar down while casting Burning Hands. Orbit and Thorrk was burnt by that spell as well.

They were jailed by Harbin, the Townmaster, for their crime.

Greta, the owner of Sleeping Giant, decides not to press charges. In return, the group had to pay for the damages caused, which is pretty much all they had. Which include Oskar Ironfist, a new member of the group who was not involved in that incident. Luckily or unluckily, he was sleeping in Stonehill Inn during that incident.


Places visited:
Barthen’s Provision
Stonehill Inn
Sleeping Giant
Shrine of Luck
Lionshield Coster
Townmaster’s Hall

Places heard but not visited:
Edermath Orchard
Alderleaf Farm
Phandalin Miner’s Exchange
Tresendar Manor

Stories heard:
Redbrand Ruffian – Boss is Glasstaff, a human wizard. The HQ is under Tresendar Manor. Completed
The Banshee – Garaele of Shrine of Luck wants to know the location of a spellbook belonging to a legendary mage named Bowgentle. She also mentioned that Orbit might find some help or answer from the Banshee as well. Completed
Nose Ring – The Banshee give the group an ancient ruins location. In that crypt hold a mysterious Nose Ring that allows the wearer to transform to a human being.
Orc Raiders – Harbin of Townmaster’s Hall has a quest posted about Orcs raiding the merchants near Phandalin. One of the raiders recognized Thorrk and wanted his head for a bounty called by his Orc Father. Completed
Cragmaw Castle – Sildar offers 500gp to find it.
Finding Iarno – Sildar is looking for Iarno Albrek. He suggest the group to search around Tresendar Manor. Iarno was exploring the area around the Manor before dissapering two months ago.
Redbrand Threat – Sildar offers the group 200gp if they can eliminate this threat.
Thel Dendrar – Trilena, wife of Toblen mentioned that Thel Drendar, a local woodcarver, was murdered by the ruffians. His wife, daughter and son have gone missing.

Sildar Hallwinter

Sildar Hallwinter spins an interesting story…..
He and a friend of his, Gundren Rockseeker, was on the way to Phandalin with an agenda of their own. While they were on the Triboar Trails, they were waylaid by a group of Kobolds and was capture and brought to their lair, somewhere north of the Trails.

A group of adventurer unlike the this group, manage to save him. Unfortunately Gungdren was taken to Cragmaw Castle for reasons unknown to Sildar. While they regrouped with their goods wagon, the leader of the kobold lair found them and a bloody fight ensues. All the valiant adventurers was killed in the fight and it was then when this group stumbles upon the scene.

Sildar offers to accompany the group to Phandalin and he hopes the group will help him in finding Grundren.


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